You are not big enough for her!” They all laughed at him for marrying her! Years later, they all wish they hadn’t look what happened

When we put our lives online for the world to see, we leave ourselves vulnerable to judgment. This is especially true for Matt and Brittany Montgomery, who have faced negative reactions for sharing their life and love story online. However, their response to criticism is both clever and inspiring, highlighting the importance of standing firm in one’s convictions. Matt and Brittany’s tale is a common one, yet it is made extraordinary by the people involved. They found each other, fell in love, and began building a life together. While their story may sound familiar, there is a twist: Matt is significantly larger than Brittany. Brittany has struggled her entire life to feel like she belongs. Growing up with overbearing parents, she often felt unsafe and depleted after their conversations. These experiences led her to dislike her physique and feel inadequate. As a plus-size woman, she encountered two types of men: those who wanted her to lose weight and those who fetishized her curves. This dismal luck in relationships nearly led her to give up on finding love altogether. But destiny had other plans. In August 2020, Brittany met Matt Montgomery online. Despite their physical differences, their spirits were bound together as never before. Brittany reflected, “I was a bit hesitant at first. I’ve been in relationships where guys have told me that they will dump me if I don’t start dieting or trying to lose weight. It did affect my self-confidence, and at one point, I did start working out and trying to change my size.

”Despite past insecurities, their love for one another was undeniable. After Matt proposed on January 30, 2022, the couple immediately began planning their future together. They were completely at ease with one another but discussed the outsider’s perception of their relationship. Matt shared, “People comment on Instagram and suggest that I’m not big enough or man enough for her. I do notice people staring when we walk down the street…”Their love for each other transcends societal judgment. Matt’s previous relationships with women of “normal” size were unfulfilling. Brittany makes him feel that she is indeed his soulmate, and he loves her for who she is, working hard to ensure her happiness. He expressed his deep affection by saying, “You are worthy, you are deserving of infinite love every single day and more. The way I look at you and feel for you and the way you look and feel for me is how I know that we are meant to be.” To counteract the negativity, Matt often captions their photos with the hurtful comments they’ve received, proving the depth of their relationship and showcasing a great comeback against the naysayers. The couple is working to normalize relationships between people of different sizes. Brittany hopes that “mixed-weight relationships were more common and more the norm,” expressing a desire Last month, the young couple announced that they are expecting their second child, Lakelyn, in September 2023. This joyful news adds another layer to their inspiring journey. Matt and Brittany’s story is a poignant reminder that finding real love and doing what makes you happy are not bound by societal norms. Their journey encourages everyone to embrace and love one another, regardless of physical appearances or online judgments. In a world quick to criticize, the Montgomerys stand as a testament to the power of love and the importance of staying true to oneself. No matter what, we should all find ways to embrace and love one another.