Years Later He Meets Him – Story of the Day

Daniel was 27 years old and the little league baseball team coach at his former elementary school. Growing up, he had no idea that working with kids would so be fantastic, but this job stumbled upon his lap, and it was better than being in a classroom all the time. He went to college and got a degree in Education, but after a couple of years teaching English to uncaring teenagers, he quit.A buddy offered him the job, knowing that Daniel had played ball for many years, and it was like fate. Everything aligned perfectly, and he loved it. He had been doing it for some time now and couldn’t imagine anything else in the world. But it wasn’t easy. It took a lot of patience, and you constantly had to remind kids that they could do it.

However, Robert might not be his son. He had to get those thoughts out of his head, or he would drive himself insane. A minor resemblance was not enough to make him suspect it. Granted, the baby had been blonde with green/blue eyes and looked nothing like Daniel. He was all Emily. Robert had more masculine features and bright green eyes.But after a month of practice every week, Daniel couldn’t stay quiet. The boy acted so much like he did in school and was just as good at baseball. The resemblance to Emily and even him was becoming more apparent, and he had to ask his mother at least. “Mrs. Marshall, can I talk to you for a second?” Daniel approached Robert’s mother who was sitting on the bleachers while the kids went to the showers after practice.“Oh, Coach Givens. Call me Nina. I’m not married,” the woman replied, standing up and giving him her full attention.“My mistake. Listen, this might sound crazy and completely out of the blue, but is Robert your biological son?” Daniel wondered, feeling a little braver about his question now that he knew Nina was not married.“Wow, hmmm. No one has ever asked me that question before. Robert and I look very alike, but no. He’s not biologically mine. He’s adopted. He already knows. Why would you ask, though?” Nina answered, frowning at Daniel’s question. But she didn’t seem offended.“It’s just… well, I gave a child up for adoption when I was 17, and I’ve had this feeling it might be Robert,” Daniel revealed, looking down as if ashamed of himself. But Nina surprised him.“Sit down. Tell me more. What happened?” she insisted.