Woman Blocks Man Following Their 1st Date in Which He Paid for Their $500+ Dinner

A woman blocked a man after their first date didn’t go as expected. She felt he violated her privacy and tested her financial capability. She posted her narrative on Reddit and sought validation from the community regarding her actions. Many women have first-date horror stories to share, with most being posted online. One woman shared an unforgettable experience with a man as they dined in an expensive restaurant of her choice. After he paid their entire bill, she blocked him and refused to give him another chance. When the woman was first asked by the man on a date, she had no initial thoughts on where their dinnerwould be. However, when the man asked about her favorite restaurant, she was honest in naming an expensive establishment.]She made it clear that the dishes in the restaurant were pretty pricey and that they could dine somewhere more casual. She suggested a Mexican restaurant with great food for a better price. Meanwhile, her favorite restaurant would have cost them $500 on average. Given the price range, the man still opted to dine at the woman’s favorite restaurant as he really wanted to try the food. The woman’s first or times when she wanted to treat herself.

She finds that the restaurant isn’t as necessary on the first date, given she is more interested in knowing the man’s personality and life story than satisfying her stomach The duo ordered appetizers, main courses, and drinks on the evening of the date. They had a good conversation and even ordered dessert. The woman knew the bill would be expensive, and when it came, they both offered to split the bill. She said: ”I hesitated and said it after he was saying it because he asked me out and also insisted we went there after he read the menu and really wanted to try the food. ”The woman would usually ask for separate checks during first dates, thinking the man may be unsure if he would pay for the meal of a woman he wasn’t interested in. When the separate bills came, the woman placed her card on the table, and so did the man .When the server came to take their cards, the man grabbed her card and said he would cover both checks. Then he looked at her card and said, “Oh, now I finally know your last name.” As he said this, a different thought ran through the woman’s head. As a bartender, she deals with transactions and cards on the job and has a co-worker who quickly memorizes numbers. Such could lead to a felony or fraud. Meanwhile, she was also annoyed by the man changing his mind and deciding to pay for both checks. She suspected he was playing mind games with her, presumably to see if she would pay half the bill of $250. “I felt like he was checking to see if I was a golddigger or something, even though I’d literally told him we shouldn’t go there the first date,” she said. She thanked him after dinner, went home, and blocked him. According to the woman, his looking at her card ticked her off, especially since she did not want to tell him her last name. After reading comments on her Reddit post, the woman sent the man money for her part in the bill. She reiterated that she did not force the man to eat in the restaurant and would have enjoyed a simple Mexican dinner instead. She has since learned her lesson. Many Reddit users sided with the woman and claimed she had every right to cut off a man who made her feel uncomfortable. However, some believed that she was overthinking the situation. Also, I highly doubt someone would spend $500+ and waste an entire evening so they could memorize your card number,” one comment read. Others also believed that the woman should have paid half of her bill before blocking him so she wouldn’t look like she was only dating him for the free dinner. If you think this man is strange, wait until you hear another story where a boyfriend accused his partner after being banned from his favorite restaurant on his birthday! On June 17, 2023, an anonymous female contributor turned to the widely read “AITA” subreddit to pen her frustrations. The woman, aged 18, had been dating her boyfriend, John, 20, for just under a year. Despite their relationship being primarily free of toxicity, a significant source of tension existed due to her vegetarian lifestyle. She had been committed to vegetarianism since the age of 11, driven by strong moral beliefs. But there was one particular issue that irked John: her refusal to spend her money on meat. Yet, as the minutes ticked away, he failed to reappear. The times he did pay for her meals were limited to occasions when she spent her money on joint activities, such as concerts and festivals. In these situations, she could shell out €120+ ($125) on tickets while he contributed around €50 ($50) for food. What Happened at the Birthday Dinner? A few days before posting her Reddit account, the young lady and her boyfriend visited his favorite upscale restaurant to celebrate his birthday. He indulged in the priciest steak on the menu, paired with a side salad and a bottle of wine. When the meal concluded, the woman approached the waiter and requested separate bills, prompting a shocked reaction from John. He seemed skeptical and asked if she was joking. Firmly, she affirmed that she wasn’t. This led to a perplexed response from John; he assumed she would foot the bill because it was his birthday, claiming he hadn’t budgeted for the meal. Perplexed, she questioned his assumption, reminding him of her longstanding rule about not spending her money on meat. Yet, he failed to provide any rationale for his expectation apart from the fact that it was his birthday. The young woman attempted to find a middle ground, offering to cover the cost of the wine and the side salad while expecting her boyfriend to pay for the expensive steak. However, her proposition only fueled his anger, prompting him to storm off to the bathroom in a fit of fury. In an attempt to salvage the situation, she paid for her meal, the wine, and the salad, patiently waiting for his return. Yet, as the minutes ticked away, he failed to reappear. After waiting for 20 minutes without any sign of him, she decided to leave, puzzled by his unexpected reaction and disappearance.