When she was younger, Hollywood sang her praises. With her wavy blond hair and blue eyes, the actress was considered one of the most beautiful faces in the movie industry. She herself admits that her beauty was a huge advantage. Now, though, she looks so different that fans can barely recognize her

Kathleen Turner rose to fame in the 1980s with her strength and attractiveness – many consider her one of the most beautiful actresses in Hollywood. It is this fortitude that has helped her through the many goods and bad times the actress has experienced over the years. Kathleen Turner had a rough childhood and was raised in a family with four children.

She and her siblings grew up in London and Venezuela. Tragedy befell her at a young age when her father unexpectedly passed away while mowing the lawn of their Hampstead home. A month after his death, Kathleen and her family were kicked out of the UK by the foreign service. Turner and her family settled in Springfield, Missouri, all still grieving their father and former home. As an adult, Tuner finally found peace after moving to New York to pursue an acting career. She had some luck on the stage – but her biggest break came when she was given the role of the femme fatale in 1981’s “Body Heat.”