This boy was raised in subsidized housing with by single mom, he wished to buy her a home became a millionaire teen star. Name of this world-famous boy, now a young man

This young man was raised as an average youngster in Stratford, Ontario, participating in sports like hockey and soccer. He is originally from London, Ontario. His early interest for drumming was fostered during church visits where he would watch the drummer, saying, “Ever since I can remember, I’ve always loved music.” He went on to teach himself how to play the piano, guitar, and trumpet while taking drum classes. The boy’s mother continued to be his greatest supporter despite their financial difficulties, posting videos of him performing soul covers on YouTube. Despite her inability to purchase drum kits, she got him drumsticks so he could drum on the ground. When he was twelve years old, he entered a local talent competition and placed second with a performance of Ne-Yo’s “So Sick.” His mother posted footage of him performing on YouTube so that others could see how committed she was to promoting his potential. The boy’s luck altered as his musical ability flourished. He made almost $3,000 doing everything from busking in front of a Stratford theater during the summer to shrieking pop songs while brushing his teeth.

With this fortune, he was able to take his family on their first-ever Disneyland vacation, realizing a dream for them. Once restricted by his lack of resources, the child now gets to walk into a restaurant and order without looking at the menu. Justin Bieber thought back on his history and admitted that although they didn’t have much money, he had a happy childhood. His lack of riches gave him a profound respect for money. Bruce Dale, Justin’s grandfather, said that despite Justin’s gifts and unwavering work ethic, he was a good youngster who rose to prominence in today’s popular music. Scooter Braun, a rising star in the music industry and party promoter in Atlanta, saw Justin Bieber’s YouTube videos and took an interest in the singer-songwriter. At first, Braun was looking for a different YouTube sensation, but his attention was drawn to Justin’s incredible vocal ability. Braun was determined to find Justin, so he tracked down the busking video, found his school, and persistently contacted Justin’s mother, Pattie.