They all laughed at him for marrying her! Years later, they all wish they hadn’t look what happened

The moment we learn how to love ourselves with all our flaws is the moment we really start to live our lives to the fullest. However, this isn’t an easy thing to do. Well, the celebrities with all their airbrushed and edited images, as well as the media which promotes these looks as some sort of social standards, are partially to be blamed for the insecurities ordinary people have because they believe they need to look like those models on the covers of the magazines.

There are also those who won’t let their beauty be determined by foolish standards and do all in their power to change the perception that others have about them. Amelia is a person who has endured harsh criticism because of her weight. Her mom was aware that her daughter would be a “big” woman ever since she was a child because she was way too chubby for her age practically from the moment she was born. However, as many found her cute and sweet as a child, she experienced bullying later on.