Teen daughter disowns mother in favor of unfaithful dad – years later she comes back begging

A mother lost custody of her daughter, Kelly, after divorcing her unfaithful husband. Despite efforts to maintain a relationship, Kelly refused to see her, influenced by her father’s support and the negative portrayal from her in-laws. The woman’s husband spoiled her family with gifts and financial support, earning their adoration. Even after his first affair, her relatives convinced her to stay, citing the need for a stable family for Kelly.

Years later, her husband cheated again when Kelly was 12. This time, the woman decided on divorce, despite her in-laws’ objections and fear of scandal. She lost custody of Kelly, who saw her mother as the villain due to her father’s influence and her grandparents’ stance. As years passed, the woman rebuilt her life and career. Meanwhile, her ex-husband squandered his wealth and couldn’t support Kelly’s college expenses. Desperate for money, Kelly reached out to her mother, who agreed to pay for her tuition on the condition that Kelly renounce her inheritance. The woman decided to leave most of her estate to her goddaughter, Laura, feeling Kelly’s motives were purely financial. Her relatives worried this decision would damage their relationship further, but the woman wanted a genuine connection with Kelly, not one based on money.