Stories Where Parents Were Betrayed by Their..

In the following stories, parents found themselves on the receiving end when their children betrayed them. One parent’s son sided with his wife, who continuously and knowingly crossed a boundary the parent had set. Most people have come across many stories where parents ill-treated their children or their daughters-in-law, but in these three tales, the tables are turned. One mother’s daughter moved out to live with her father because she didn’t want to follow the former’s rules, only to later need to move back in, Woman’s Adult Daughter Wants to Move Back Home but Refuses the Conditions Set by the Parent A woman revealed on Reddit that she ended her relationship with her husband when their daughter, Maria, was ten years old. During their divorce, OP was awarded the house but faced financial struggles as a stay-at-home parent.

She fortunately reached some stability after landing a job in her field. Still, she had to budget for expenses and did not spend lavishly. Meanwhile, her husband had no qualms with his financial resources and ensured their daughter was aware. He indulged Maria with material things, so she grew up without financial constraints. However, this eventually strained the mother-daughter relationship. At one point, OP couldn’t afford to buy Maria a $1,000 laptop, resulting in the child making a comparison between the parents saying her father was better than her mother. In another instance, OP tried to get Maria a job, but it only resulted in another disagreement. When she turned 17, Maria chose to drop out of high school, which sparked a heated conversation between her and OP, with the Redditor saying: She told me it was her life, and she can do what she wants. ”Eventually, the argument led to Maria leaving and moving in with her father permanently. Although OP tried to contact her daughter, Maria refused to reconnect and said she no longer had a mother. However, at 21, the young woman decided to reach out to her mother, with OP stating: “Her dad has gotten remarried and basically kicked her out. She called me, and we met up. She wants to move back in.” While OP was open to the idea of living with her daughter again, she did not accept Maria with open arms. Instead, she listed conditions that the young woman had to meet before being allowed to move in again.