She was Hollywood’s number-one box-office child actress in the world. You won’t believe who this little is. She soon made it so far in her career to becamo a famous actress

Shirley Temple, a beloved child star, made 29 films by age 10, but her life was challenging. She worked long hours, faced death threats and inappropriate advances, and retired at 22 with only $40,000 despite earning millions. Shirley humorously noted she stopped believing in Santa Claus at six when he asked for her autograph.

Starting dance lessons at 3, Shirley appeared in Baby Burlesks, short films she later criticized for exploiting children’s innocence. On set, misbehaving led to sitting on a block of ice in a locked booth, teaching her the value of time and money.

At 6, Shirley became famous for singing “On the Good Ship Lollipop” in Bright Eyes.