She was considered to be the most beautiful actress in the 80th. But time takes its toll – the star looks so different now. You won’t recognize the movie star when you see this wrinkled old lady. Learn more and check her youth photos in

It’s Rachel Ward, known for her portrayal of Maggie in the film “Singing in the Blackthorns.” Forty years ago, Rachel was hailed as the most stunning actress in cinema, but as time passes, its effects are undeniable.

Today, without makeup and styling, the 66-year-old Rachel looks quite different from the beauty that captured hearts in the 80s.Comments on her photos reflect surprise and nostalgia, with many reminiscing about her past allure.

While some express admiration for her dignified aging without resorting to cosmetic enhancements, others lament the passage of time. Regardless, Ward’s portrayal of Maggie in the beloved film continues to resonate with audiences, eliciting fond memories and appreciation for her talent.