Rich Old Man Excludes His Children from Will and Leaves His Inheritance to Triplets from Orphanage — Story of the Day

A rich man changes his will, disinherits his children, and leaves everything to a mysterious set of triplets — then his wife discovers who they are. Graham Carlyle changed his will, and no one was supposed to know — at least until he died. But as it happened, his lawyer’s son was dating his daughter and the cat was out of the bag. “What do you mean, we get nothing in the will?” gasped Caroline Carlyle, “Who is he leaving it all to?” So the lawyer’s son told Caroline who told her brother Ralph, and they decided to figure out who these heirs were, and went to the orphanage mentioned in the will, you a baby you were busy having an affair with another woman and SHE had no trouble falling pregnant! Is it a boy or a girl?”

Graham squirmed. “Actually…three boys…identical triplets. But Marcy, I didn’t even know! I only found out three months ago — the woman died and her lawyer sent me a letter…” Marcy nodded thoughtfully. “I see,” she said calmly. “Graham I think you’d better sleep in one of the guest bedrooms tonight.” “Marcy,” Graham cried. “Please, it was only that once! I never cheated before or since…” But his wife had already turned her back and walked away. For the next week, Graham lived in apprehension, but Marcy kept her distance and her silence. As for Caroline and Ralph, they were quiet as mice, hoping their father would overlook their part in his rift with his beloved wife. One afternoon, Graham came home early and heard the sound of children’s voices and laughter coming from the garden. He hurried to investigate and saw Marcy on the lawn with three handsome toddlers playing catch. “Marcy!” he gasped. “What…” Marcy looked at him and smiled. “Graham: I hate your cheating, but I love you, so I love your children — all your children. And if you allow it, these boys can be my children too.” Graham fell onto his knees in front of his wife and sobbed. “Forgive me, Marcy,” he whispered. “I know I’ve hurt you! I don’t deserve a woman as wonderful as you!” Marcy said wrily. “I know THAT Graham! But I do forgive you.” Graham and Marcy raised the three boys together, and even though he did forgive Caroline and Ralph eventually, he refused to change his will to include them as beneficiaries.