Please, stop boiling potatoes in water! When my grandma heard that I boil potatoes in water to make mashed potatoes, she literally laughed at me She shared the secret ingredient to make the best mashed potatoes ever. Use this ingredient instead

Mashed potatoes hold a special place in our family’s heart, particularly for my kids who request it almost daily. While I strive to incorporate more vegetables and greens into their diet, their unwavering love for mashed potatoes compels me to make it a few times a week. Surprisingly, my husband and I share their enthusiasm for this beloved dish. While perusing Instagram and TikTok for culinary inspiration, I stumbled upon a tip from a TikToker named Jourdyn suggesting an unconventional ingredient: chicken stock. Intrigued by this revelation, I decided to explore the potential of this unexpected addition.

Jourdyn’s method begins with an unconventional step: leaving the potato skins on. After thoroughly washing and oiling the skins, she boils them in a mixture of chicken stock and water. This departure from the traditional recipe piqued my curiosity, leading me to replicate her technique. Following Jourdyn’s steps, I boiled the potatoes with their skins on and then mashed them, incorporating butter, reserved broth, and black pepper. The result was astonishing—the broth infused the potatoes with a subtle umami flavor, complemented by the rustic texture provided by the skins. Encouraged by this success, I began experimenting further. Inspired by another TikTok user, I added sour cream and chopped chives to the next batch, enhancing the flavor profile and visual appeal of the dish. My journey into TikTok cooking hacks didn’t stop at mashed potatoes. I embraced other tips, like adding nutmeg to spinach or using bread to soften brown sugar. These simple yet effective techniques have elevated my culinary skills and broadened my culinary repertoire.