Once a teenage heartthrob who had the world in the palm of his hand, this superstar performer soared to incredible heights of popularity. However, his fortunes took a devastating turn and he lost everything. Today, he’s 81 years old and you better sit before seeing him now

When you’re a teenager, everything seems possible. You have dreams about what you wanted to do in the world, but at the same time, that means getting an education and graduating in your 20s. But imagine someone told you that when you hit 16, you had already begun your career as an entertainer in Vegas, doing shows for six days each week. To me, it sounds like a dream job, but for Wayne Newton, it was reality. Newton has been giving the audience in “Sin City” an experience for over 40 years, performing several times each night and many days straight. The Virginia native was dubbed “Mr. Las Vegas”, and yes, it definitely is a fitting nickname. At 79, Newton isn’t keen on slowing down at all. And still to this day, he looks great. So how did he even get a gig in Las Vegas to begin with? And why has he stayed for such a long time? This is all you need to know about “Mr. Las Vegas,” Wayne Newton.