Next Day Old Lady Comes to School and Asks..

A teacher scolds a boy for coming late to class and demands to meet his parents. But the boy doesn’t show up the next day, and only his grandma comes, saying he is sick. The unconvinced teacher pays a surprise visit later, only to discover that the boy’s life is far more troubled than he thought. Mr. Morgan’s first day as a new History teacher started with anticipation. He entered the grade 7 classroom, ready to impress with his lecture on the Great Depression and World War II, when the door suddenly creaked open a few minutes after the lesson had started. A hush fell over the class as everyone turned to see who was interrupting their lesson. A boy walked in with his eyes fixed on the floor and took his seat without uttering a word or looking up at the teacher. “Good morning, young man,” said Mr. Morgan, his voice stern. “It’s 9:15, and you’re 20 minutes late for class. Do you have a good reason?” But the boy just sat without responding. “Could you please stand up and introduce yourself?” Mr. Morgan added. “I’m Archie,” replied the boy as he rose and looked up, rubbing his tired eyes. Archie looked very untidy and dizzy, as though he hadn’t slept a wink the previous night. “Nice to meet you, Archie. I’m your new History teacher. You’re late for class. Do you mind telling me why? You just walked in without excusing yourself, and I won’t entertain such behavior.”

“I’m sorry, sir. I overslept. I didn’t mean to come in late. I was just tired, sir,” he finished, unable to control his yawn, and the whole class giggled. “Silence!” Mr. Morgan demanded. “Archie, you cannot be late for class like this. Can I see your homework? I heard your previous history teacher gave you assignments every weekend. Show it to me, will you?” Archie handed over his notebook, and Mr. Morgan’s expression turned uneasy. “Umm, looks like you didn’t do your homework at all.” “I didn’t do it, sir,” the boy said sheepishly as the teacher looked through the rest of the pages. “Archie, what is this? And this? You haven’t done any of your homework this whole term,” Mr. Morgan scolded. “I want to meet your parents tomorrow…first thing, alright? Or I’m taking you straight to the principal’s office. Is that clear?” “Yes, sir,” Archie murmured and slumped on his seat. But the boy didn’t show up in class the following day, and Mr. Morgan started to worry. That’s weird. I told Archie to bring his parents today, and he’s absent…I hope I didn’t scare him. I just wanted to help him, Mr. Morgan worried while finishing the rest of his lesson. “Okay, everyone! See you tomorrow…And don’t forget your assignment. It’s due in two days,” he said, packing his belongings and preparing to leave. Just then, he noticed an older woman, seemingly in her 80s, waiting outside the classroom. “Excuse me, are you looking for someone?” Mr. Morgan asked her. “I’m Willow, Archie’s grandmother,” the woman replied, coughing a bit. “Mrs. Parker.” “Oh, nice to meet you, Mrs. Parker. Archie didn’t come to school today. Is everything alright with him?” The grandma shook her head. “No, my grandson was a little sick this morning, so I told him not to go to school. fasomewhat relieved, remained concerned about the boy’s academic progress. He watched as Archie’s grandmother left the school, frowning. Moments later, the school principal, Mr. Smith, approached. “Can you come to my office? There’s something important I want to discuss.” The principal sat at his desk in his office and linked his fingers on the stable surface.