MY PARENTS DIDN’T COME TO MY GRADUATION AND I ONLY HAVE THIS PHOTO OF MISERABLE ME ALONE – THEIR REASON FOR NOT COMING BROKE ME & I CAN’T FORGIVE THEM. I worked so hard for my graduation day and was so excited to share this special moment with my parents. But during the ceremony, I kept glancing around, trying to spot them, with no luck. When the ceremony finally ended, I realized they weren’t there. I immediately checked my phone. There was a message from my mom. I opened it, and my

A few years ago, I graduated from school, a day I had eagerly anticipated. The ceremony was filled with excitement: students in caps and gowns, families cheering, and cameras flashing. However, my joy turned to anxiety as I scanned the crowd for my parents, who were nowhere to be seen. As I received my diploma, my heart sank seeing no familiar faces. After the ceremony, I checked my phone and found a message from my mom: “Sorry, we couldn’t make it.

Something came up with your stepsister. We’ll celebrate later. Congrats!” The excuse? My stepsister Iris had a broken nail and threw a tantrum, demanding to go to a salon. I was stunned and heartbroken. My prom date, Justin, and his family comforted me, including me in their celebration. When I confronted my parents, my mom’s explanation left me speechless. “Iris broke a nail and was inconsolable,” she said. Realizing their skewed priorities, I decided to leave and stayed with Justin’s family, who supported me. Years later, at my college graduation, history repeated itself. My parents missed it because Iris wanted a specific cake, and they got stuck in traffic. Despite the hurt, I realized my worth isn’t defined by their actions. Justin and his family became my support system. Their unconditional love helped me move forward, showing that true family is defined by those who stand by you.