My Mother-in-Law Blames Me for..

A woman’s mother-in-law accused her of cheating and said her husband couldn’t be the child’s father. A DNA test proved her wrong, but it also revealed the most astonishing truth no one expected. ”You are a wh-” my mother-in-law, Georgia, stared with a sneer. But my husband, Hans, interrupted her before she could get the insult out. ”Mother! You will not speak to my wife like this. Apologize right now!” he demanded after the huge scene his mother had caused.

Georgia and my father-in-law, Manny, had come over to meet our child for the first time since he was born at the hospital. They had only gotten a glimpse of him at the delivery ward, but we asked all our family to give us time, as just three of us, to bond and get used to this new, beautiful reality. But a month passed, and we invited people over. It was finally time for Georgia and Manny to come, and although they had behaved at the hospital, I was dreading it. My mother-in-law never liked me much, and criticizing me was her favorite hobby, apparently. “Wait a minute, Hans’s blood is B+? How come I never knew this?” he asked, looking at both her son and his wife. However, I couldn’t stop them from coming, mainly because others had already uploaded pictures on social media with my baby. Therefore, Hans invited them, and it was supposed to be a great evening. I knew something was odd as soon as she walked in the door. I tried to be polite and offered her some time with Hans Jr., but things quickly unraveled as Georgia refused to do it. She shook her head and blurted, “I knew it. I knew it! I knew it! I knew it! ”What did you know, Mom? What’s going on?” Hans asked, confused. He gave me a side-eye as if I had the answers, but I was just as stunned by her outburst. ”That baby is not my grandson! Hans, listen to me. You’re not the father! Barbara is clearly cheating on you! Look at him! His nose is completely different, and his skin tone is not like our family!” Georgie continued, and I couldn’t keep my poker face anymore.