My MIL Is Treating My Husband Like He Is Her Spouse – Her..

A woman opened up about her domineering mother-in-law (MIL) and how she was turning her and her husband’s lives upside down. The MIL was affecting her husband’s behavior and decision-making to the point that he went back on what he and his wife had agreed on. A woman shared on Reddit that she had chosen to call it quits with her husband after she went back on a decision they had made together. The woman complained about her mother-in-law (MIL) being overbearing, too close to her husband, and influencing his actions. The woman shared that she and his husband were expecting their daughter in two weeks. The two had made financial plans by saving $26,000 so that she could stay at home for a year while nursing. The couple’s bill for a year was $46,000. So, the savings would come in handy as the husband was making $3,000 per month and the woman wouldn’t be working throughout this time. However, these well-thought-out plans were under threat due to the woman’s mother-in-law’s (MIL) actions. The woman explained that her MIL had “been trying to force her way in to our lives in ways that I’m not okay with.” Before the woman got pregnant, the MIL and her son were barely talking. As soon as the MIL learned that the woman was pregnant, she got uncomfortably close to her son.

Throughout her pregnancy, the woman had been contending with her MIL’s intrusive behavior, which had escalated to an intolerable degree. The MIL’s relentless attempts to insert herself into their lives, under the guise of familial affection, had become increasingly suffocating. First, the MIL started calling herself a “boy mom” to justify her recent closeness with her son. She even started saying “My baby isn’t a baby anymore” when she learned her son was about to be a father Annoyingly, the MIL would bring his son food every 2 to 3 days a week claiming that he knows he misses his mom’s cooking. To make matters worse, she would only bring one serving, which was only enough for his son. The MIL also kept buying the woman’s husband’s mom-son jewelry as much as the woman had told her that he never wears them. “She is 100% treating him like he is her husband,” complained the woman. The MIL even calls her son any hours be it day or night so that he can go and help her around her house. However, when the son goes over, she suggests that they go for a mom-and-son date. The woman’s MIL also burges into their house uninvited and tells her how she likes her coffee, expecting her son’s wife to make it. So, if all else wasn’t insane enough, the MIL had been trying to convince her son for at least 3 months to quit his job and go work with her so they could spend more time together. The husband works in search and rescue while his mom works at a medical rehab facility. Before this, the MIL had tried to convince her son to purchase a house with him so that she could help raise his babies. The woman was quick to shut this suggestion down as soon as her husband started considering it. The woman also reasoned with her husband about not quitting his job. She explained to him that working with his mom pays $10 an hour while his current job pays $13 an hour.