My Husband Wants Me to Pay Half the Rent While on Unpaid Maternity Leave

I need an outside opinion on a heated argument between my husband (32M) and me (30F). We’ve been married for two years and have always divided our expenses fairly and equally. Prior to my maternity leave, our monthly expenses included a $1500 rent, approximately $200 in utilities, and miscellaneous expenses. However, we recently had a gorgeous baby boy named Ethan. He is already three months old, and taking care of him keeps me busy around the clock. And I haven’t had time to look for part-time work. When I asked my husband about covering all of our expenditures during my unpaid maternity leave, he was utterly against it. He stated, “We promised to split everything evenly, and I am still working.

It is only reasonable that you pay half. You may not be working right now, but that does not mean you should not contribute financially. So he believes I should continue to pay my portion of the rent, despite the fact that I am currently unemployed. I was surprised by his attitude, especially because I am the primary caregiver for our newborn. It feels unreasonable to ask me to pay half of our rent when my time and efforts are focused on caring for our child. The restless nights, regular feeding, and diaper changes have exhausted me physically and emotionally. Furthermore, we now have additional expenses associated with our baby’s demands, such as diapers, formula, and doctor’s appointments, which adds to our financial burden. I’ve attempted to explain to him that being on unpaid maternity leave is just temporary, and that I’ll be actively seeking for part-time work as soon as I’m able to. Meanwhile, I suggested that he cover my portion of the rent until I am able to contribute financially again. However, he insists that we split everything equally, claiming that he is already covering additional expenses for our baby’s needs. I understand the importance of financial responsibility, but I feel like my husband is not considering the significant workload I have to take on as a new mother. Am I wrong for expecting him to cover all the rent while I am on unpaid maternity leave, given the circumstances?