My Husband Talking about Me to His Family & I Still Can’t Digest It

A trip that was meant to be an opportunity to build a relationship with her in-laws turned into a crushing realization of feeling unwelcome in her husband’s family during their annual vacation The early stages of marriage can be a transition, especially when trying to fit into your spouse’s family. This woman was still trying to navigate her place in her husband’s family, but in the end, she was heartbroken and felt even more displaced, The woman took to Reddit to share how it all unfolded. She explained that she and her husband had not been married long, so she had not spent much time with his family. However, her in-laws had an annual family vacation, and this year she asked her husband if she could join. The husband was hesitant, but his wife argued it would be a great opportunity for her to get to know them better and for them to work toward building a relationship. Consequently, the husband agreed. Upon their arrival, she realized the family was a bit surprised to see her but still welcomed her. Things were going well, but the truth came out on the third day of the vacation. The husband, along with his brother, mother, father, and other spouses, were sitting outside while the Redditor was inside preparing a fruit salad. As she walked toward the door, she heard her mother-in-law say, “Did she really have nowhere else to spend the weekend?”

At first, the wife did not know who she was referring to, so she stopped to listen further and heard her husband say, “I know!!! And I didn’t want to bring her with me, but what was I supposed to do?!!! You know how pushy she can get.” She instantly figured it was about her. The statement shattered her heart, and she almost dropped the bowl of salad she was holding. “This whole time I was there, I cleaned, cooked, looked after the kids, and this is how they think of me? An inconvenience to them?” she expressed. The original poster (OP) could not see herself spending another day with the family, especially after discovering her presence was unwanted. So, she quickly booked the next flight out. Her husband texted but did not respond; she simply told him she had made it home safely. When he got home, he was extremely angry at his wife and told her she was “disrespectful and juvenile.” The OP told him that she had overheard what he said to his mother, but he still blamed her for eavesdropping and said his family was slowly warming up to her. In the end, the wife started feeling bad, thinking she might have ruined the vacation for everyone. Thus, she turned to fellow Reddit users and asked if she was right to leave the family vacation after she heard what her husband said about her. Contrarily, the OP’s story had many commenters riled up. Readers believed the OP was right to leave because she overheard her mother-in-law speaking ill of her, and her husband did not defend her, which was a big red flag to many readers. Another commenter simply asked, “Does he even like you?” while another added, “NTA. Please don’t let him gaslight you.” Another reader was shocked that the OP was being treated in this manner when she was a wife, not a girlfriend her husband had been dating for two weeks. One reader shared that she had experienced a similar situation with her ex-husband. She said he used to go on vacation with another family, and when she asked to join, her husband told her it was “only family.” The woman realized her husband never considered her family, so she spent that week with her friends and when he returned from his vacation, she served him with divorce papers.