My Fiancé Told Me to Pay For His and His Friends’ Meal – I..

A woman facing financial gaslighting from her fiancé sought advice on Reddit after he consistently demanded she pay for meals, exploiting her recent salary raise. Despite keeping their finances separate, her fiancé insisted on her covering their expenses due to her 30% higher income. Tired of this behavior, she agreed to join him and his friends for dinner but made it clear she wouldn’t foot the bill.

During the meal, her fiancé whispered that she would pay, causing her to refuse publicly. Frustrated, she discreetly paid for her own order, excused herself to the restroom, and left the restaurant, forcing him to cover the remaining bill. In response, he berated her at home, calling her names and claiming she was childish and selfish. Seeking validation online, the woman shared her story on Reddit. The community overwhelmingly sided with her, denouncing her fiancé’s manipulative behavior and advising her to reconsider the relationship. Many emphasized the importance of recognizing manipulation and suggested she end the engagement to protect herself from further mistreatment.