Mother took this photo of her daughter at the park and posted it on Facebook. When friends and relatives saw the picture they got extremely worried. Here’s what they noticed in the picture

When one mom took a photo of her daughter at the funfair, she had no idea that the image would soon go viral and cause a stir at social media users. If you wonder why, it is is because the photo turned into an optical illusion by pure accident. It has been shared over 250,000 times on Facebook and more than 37,000 people have commented on it, including many who couldn’t figure out what was happening. Most of all, it left the family members totally confused and concerned for the well being of the girl because her legs looked extremely skinny and as if something was very wrong with her appearance. It really takes some time to figure out what is wrong with the photo, but once you spot it, it looks completely normal. The girl happens to be holding a bag of popcorn in her hands, which are of the same color as the background so they blend just perfectly making the girl’s legs super skinny. Some also commented the girl’s facial expression and agreed that she doesn’t look very happy. Could it be because she probably wanted to stay a bit longer and take a few more rides on the ferris wheel? Who knows.