Mom Upset After Finding Teacher’s ‘Warning’ Message On Her 7-Year-Old’s Daughter’s Homework

Seven-year-old Alyssa received a worksheet from her teacher containing an admonishment in red ink, which read: “Stop writing your name in cursive. You have had several warnings.” This incident has sparked a debate. While teachers must be respected, discouraging a child like Alyssa from practicing cursive seems unjust. Learning cursive, though not a priority in all schools, is a valuable skill. It demands concentration and practice. Therefore, Alyssa’s efforts should be celebrated, not criticized.

Cursive writing nurtures a child’s focus and dedication, qualities that should be encouraged. Rather than sending discouraging notes, teachers should provide constructive feedback and praise young learners who voluntarily take on the challenge of mastering this intricate art.

In summary, instead of admonishing children like Alyssa, educators should recognize their commitment to cursive writing and offer positive reinforcement. Cursive, though not universally emphasized, deserves appreciation for the valuable skills it imparts to young learners.