Man Dumps His Beloved Right in Front of Her Parents When He Found Out She Had a Daughter & Didn’t Care..

Seeking perspective on a recent relationship event. He had started dating his now ex-girlfriend, a 27-year-old woman, approximately six months prior. Two months into their relationship, she moved into his apartment, and everything seemed to be going smoothly. However, their relationship took an unexpected turn over the weekend when she expressed her desire for him to meet her family, A Mind-Boggling Discovery That Led to an Unexpected Decision It wasn’t long before they embarked on a journey to her family’s home on a Saturday. About 30 minutes into the visit, a 10-year-old girl opened the front door, saw the man’s girlfriend, and excitedly exclaimed, “Mom!” as she warmly embraced his girlfriend.

In the presence of her parents, he informed his girlfriend that their relationship couldn’t continue. The man was taken aback, as his girlfriend had never mentioned having a daughter during their time together. Further conversation revealed that she had not visited her daughter or even spoken to her in at least two months. Baffled and disheartened by this discovery, the man questioned the young girl about the last time she had spoken to her mother, to which she responded, “Sometime before Summer break.” At this point, he realized he couldn’t continue a relationship with someone who had seemingly abandoned her child. With resolve, the man decided to address the issue directly. In the presence of her parents, he informed his girlfriend that their relationship couldn’t continue. He explained his inability to be with someone who had seemingly neglected her own flesh and blood. After that, they returned to his apartment, with the original poster’s now ex-girlfriend pleading and promising to change during the drive. “I packed up all her stuff and drove her back to her parents,” revealed the distraught man.In his Reddit post, the man sought opinions from the online community, specifically asking if he was in the wrong for ending the relationship in front of her parents. He also clarified in an edit that he wasn’t seeking judgment for breaking up with her but rather questioning if he was wrong in how he handled the situation.