It’s nice to relax in some productive way, like solving math equations

Simple addition may seem like child’s play, but arranging equations strategically can turn them into challenging puzzles. Adding a logical question to the mix can further enhance the puzzling experience. Below is a math puzzle designed to test your problem-solving skills. Take a moment to examine it and note the time before you begin. How quickly can you unravel this puzzle?

After contemplating for a few minutes, write down your answer without peeking at the solution below. Once you’re ready, put your pencils down and reflect on how swiftly you reached your solution.

The Solution Unveiled
Now, let’s break down the puzzle: 7(7-2×3) =?

Start by resolving the multiplication inside the brackets: 7(7-6)
Simplify the equation within the brackets: 7(1)
Proceed with the multiplication: 7 x 1 = 7