It’s Elvis Presley’s grandson! No one expects a 16-year-old to sound exactly like him, but he does. Elvis is back

Dakota Striplin, resembling Elvis Presley, wowed audiences on “The Voice” with his soulful rendition of “Love Me Tender.” Armed with his guitar, Dakota’s performance evoked the essence of the legendary Elvis, captivating both audience and judges. In addition to his singing prowess, Dakota shared poignant family anecdotes about Elvis, infusing the evening with nostalgia.

With playful humor, he hinted at a possible familial tie to the King, eliciting laughter from the judges. Adding to the intrigue, Dakota unveiled a surprising DNA revelation, suggesting a potential connection to Elvis, deepening the mystery surrounding his heritage. To experience Dakota Striplin’s mesmerizing performance and uncover the secrets of his lineage, watch the full video below. Prepare to be spellbound by his musical talent and undeniable charisma!