In the 1980s, this beautiful woman was on her way to becoming a Hollywood star. She won three Academy Awards when she was at the top of her game, but after that she became less well known. She looks so different now that she’s 67

In a classic love story, Naval Officer Zack Mayo grabbed factory worker Paula by the arms and dragged her out of her workplace. Fans all over the world wished they were Debra Winger. Fans of daydreaming held the famous scene from the romantic film An Officer and a Gentleman as the standard for all love stories. Richard Gere played Officer Zack Mayo, the good-looking hero in navy blues.

Many people wanted to be Debra Winger because she worked with Hollywood’s hottest guys.Winger, who is 67 years old now, is still as beautiful as ever. In the past few years, Winger has shared pictures of herself on Instagram.

At first, she had brown hair, but now it’s naturally curly gray. Winger’s first lead job was in the 1976 movie Slumber Party ’57. This led to a part on the hit TV show Wonder Woman (1979), where she played Drusilla, Diana Prince’s (Lynda Carter) younger sister and Wonder Woman.