I was devastated when my best friend asked me to be a bridesmaid on her wedding day, and what she did afterwards

Friendship can survive a long time, but it is not without its difficulties. Today’s story is about a 34-year-old woman who is angry since her best friend of over 20 years behaved inappropriately on her special day. She wrote us a letter, and we could sense she was about to cry as she related her experience. Alyson, 34, recently told our editorial team a painful story about her relationship with her childhood best friend, Miranda, 35. She began by expressing her joy to support Miranda on her wedding day, but soon encountered obstacles: “My childhood best friend got married last weekend. I was overjoyed and thrilled to be there to support her on her special day. Trashy things in our relationship began right away.» Miranda wanted Alyson to be a bridesmaid, but she had strong requirements: “Right after Miranda asked me to be her bridesmaid, she stated she would make me dress in a ‘girly’ style. She made a list of conditions, including a dress, heels, and growing my hair to at least bob length. I was meant to dye my hair and tan. The worst part for me was that I had to cover up my tattoos with body makeup. As a longtime tomboy, Alyson was uncomfortable with these requests, but she consented to everything except growing her hair. Miranda pulled Alyson from the bridesmaid lineup, despite her attempts to compromise. Alyson, who was devastated, agreed to attend the wedding despite the scenario, although she was severely affected by it. Alyson became increasingly frustrated as the situation progressed.

Alyson continued her story, explaining how Miranda asked her to manufacture wedding favors and manage the dessert table, despite their damaged relationship: “I’m a chocolatier, so Miranda asked me if I could make the wedding favors and take complete charge of the dessert table. Though her demands for my beauty had destroyed our relationship and she had reconsidered me as her bridesmaid, I was eager to assist her with everything. I went above and above to design an absolutely spectacular table that was a huge hit throughout the day.» However, Miranda’s behavior toward Alyson did not change, but rather deteriorated: «She then told me that the wedding was approaching the point when it would become over-budget, and Miranda wanted to keep prices low. So she told me that my husband was not invited. I was seething, but she was my best friend, and we’d been through a lot together. I assumed it was all due to her pre-wedding stress, so I was very understanding and even decreased my prices for the table I prepared as a personal gift to the couple.» The unpleasant actions of Alyson’s best friend did not stop there. Alyson wrote: “A month later, after reviewing the guest list, Miranda told me that my husband could still come with me, but if he did, I would be moved away from the head table.” Alyson revealed that her husband is a wedding photographer who was anxious to expand his videography portfolio. They were aware that Miranda and her future husband did not have a videographer. Alyson’s husband then volunteered to film a professional wedding video for them at no expense. The woman stated, “Miranda was ecstatic, and she suggested she move us to the vendor table so that we could collaborate with the other vendors.” We loved the idea and agreed to sit with the vendors.» Then, things took a very unhealthy turn. Alyson commented, “The day of the wedding, my husband and I arrived 4 hours early to help with the event.” He spent the time filming while I set up the dessert table. Following the wedding, visitors were relocated to the party room, while the original space was transformed into a reception area. While assisting with the room conversion, I was shocked to realize that my best buddy had not included our names on the seating list.» There appeared to be no vendor table, and Alyson and her husband had to sit in a separate area because their names were not on the list. That separate room was closed off from the reception area, so they couldn’t hear or see anything, let alone converse to anyone. Alyson is extremely hurt by the whole scenario. Alyson stated, “After we were encouraged to sit in a separate room, I approached Miranda to explain the problem. She claimed it was a mix-up. I understand everything, but Miranda did nothing to move us to the main room. We were simply cut off at the reception. I missed the entire wedding and spent much of the evening sobbing in the bathroom. My husband proceeded to shoot everything, hoping to create a nice video for them.» Alyson ended her letter with, “After the whole situation, I texted Miranda and told her about my feelings.” She began to apologize, explaining that she had been scatterbrained that day. She stated that she felt incredibly bad but yet wanted to be friends. And my sole wish right now is to never see her again.