Meeting David, who could keep up with her random train of thought, somehow felt right for Penelope. He was a teacher and one of the most charming guys she has ever met. As they engaged in a deep and meaningful conversation about books, going from classics to sci-fi, he suddenly asked her about her favorite place to eat. Penelope smiled. There was this fancy restaurant, which served food that felt it was coming from heaven, where she would go whenever she would reach certain milestone in her life. The perfect place for celebrations and a potential first date. But the place was very pricey, and she didn’t want to mention it, but she still did it. However, she then suggested a nice Mexican place that offered “over 300 tequilas and tacos with handmade tortillas that are to die for.” On top of it, it was easy on the wallet. However, David decided that the two go to that pricey restaurant Penelope mentioned in the first place. The evening was fabulous. It was more than she ever expected from a date with someone she had only seen once. They ordered appetizers—those heavenly little bites she loved—and yes, the cocktails were as mesmerizing as ever.

Dish after dish came to their table as they laughed and laughed through the night. However, when the time came for the bill to be paid, something awkward happened. As Penelope offered to split it, since it hit over $600, she took some money out of her purse and her credit card fell on the table accidentally. David was quick to pick it up, but he didn’t return it immediately, instead, he took the time to analyze it, which confused Penelope. What’s most, David scanned every tiny detail of it before putting it down. He them muttered something along the lines, “You should be careful with this. ”At that moment, Penelope felt like her privacy was invaded. She couldn’t help but wonder why he would stare at her credit card for that long. It felt like a red flag besides the lovely evening so she blocked his phone number in case he texted her or tried to call her. When she told a friend on hers about the incident, the friend felt Penelope was little too harsh towards David. She, however, decided not to think about it any longer, and leave things as they were. Just a few days later, Penelope experienced the shock of her life when she saw David at her door. There he was, awkward and apologetic, looking like he needed to say something important. “Penelope, I’m so sorry,” he began. “I needed to make sure it was really you, Penelope Smith.” Listening him in confusion, Penelope heard something that changed her life forever. “I’m your half-brother,” David uttered, his voice barely above a whisper. Trying to process his words, Penelope was unable to make even a single move. How could that cute guy from the library whom she had a fabulous date with be her half-brother. The claim was too big to take it on trust alone, so Penelope asked for a DNA test to be taken. When the results came in they proved David was telling the truth. He was indeed her half-brother, but how was that possible. It turned out that the person who raised her wasn’t her biological father, but David’s father was. In the past, her mother and his dad had an affair. Although this revelation could lead to unraveling so many things, Penelope decided to confront her mother about it, but at her own time and terms. As of her and David, they built a strong brother-sister relationship.