He is 19 years old, she is 72, but they are madly in love with each other. They got married and tell everyone about their first night spent together! They want the whole world to know: “She is a lover

Gary Hardwick is a 19-year-old teenager who married an elderly woman 53 years older than him.However, it seems that the chemistry between the two has overcome any age barrier, even though the boy is younger than one of the unconventional grandma’s six grandchildren!Their first meeting took place in the summer of 2016; they went out for a meal, and just two weeks later, the boy gathered the courage to ask her if she wanted to be his wife.

“If you love someone, age is just a number. I realized that he is my soulmate. I have never been intimidated by age,” were the words of Grandma Almeda.Not even the fact that her son stopped talking to her since he found out about her unusual relationship could separate her from her new love.What’s even more interesting is that they first engaged in intimacy on their wedding night, and Gary was delighted.He says he has a special connection with Almeda and never wants to part from her.Furthermore, the two have a YouTube channel together, with nearly 50,000 people following and supporting them.The message they want to convey to the world is that age doesn’t matter that much; it’s just a number.When they met, Gary had just ended a long-term relationship with another 77-year-old granny, and he claims that he is much more mature for his 19 years.Moreover, he adds that he has never been attracted to younger women. As for their wedding night, he confesses, “She is an amazing lover!”