Girl’s Boyfriend Tells Her Daily That She Stinks — She Finally Learns This Was Due to His Dad’s Advice

A woman broke up with her boyfriend after he told her that his father had shared with him a surefire way to ensure that a woman would never leave him. The internet was shocked by the man’s revelation. A woman turned to the internet for advice after her boyfriend consistently told her she smelled of body odor. She said she felt insecure because she didn’t think she smelled, but it was a problem for her boyfriend. The woman said that when she and her boyfriend had first met, she would shower once a day, apply deodorant in the morning, and brush her teeth three times a day, but she had become paranoid because her boyfriend kept telling her she smelled of body odor despite this. The original poster (OP) shared that aside from her boyfriend always telling her she stank, everything else in their relationship was going great. However, trying to smell good for him had begun to consume her, What Did OP Do? After her boyfriend constantly told her that she smelled bad, she began putting measures in place to allow her to smell good. She showered twice daily, brushed her teeth after every meal and drink, and sneakily checked her armpits to ensure she didn’t smell. She had also resorted to seeing a doctor, who told her there was nothing medically wrong with her, and forced her friends and family to smell her armpits because she wanted them to confirm that she didn’t smell terrible. As she did all of this, her friends and family told OP that she did not smell bad at all, and she even shared: “One friend even said I smelled too clean, like a lush store.

”However, OP’s boyfriend still told her she smelled bad, which made her paranoid. She admitted that when he said she smelled bad, he was reticent to cuddle or be affectionate with her. She turned to Reddit to find out what more she could do about the situation but soon found out the real reason behind her boyfriend’s remarks, and Reddit users were shocked and disgusted. Why Did OP’s Boyfriend Tell Her She Smelled Bad? Many people weighed in on OP’s situation, advising her on how she could stop the foul body odor. However, when she updated the post, people were shocked and outraged. OP explained that she had waited until her boyfriend mentioned her smell again so she could confront him about it. She said he told her she smelled terrible less than an hour after they had woken up one morning. She asked him directly what made her smell because she felt like she was one of the cleanest people in the world at that point because of everything she was doing to try and smell good. As she had already showered and applied deodorant before his comment, she suggested that they should break up if he couldn’t handle her smell. Then she revealed: “He got all panicked and upset; I eventually got out of him that this is what his father always said to his mother. Apparently, his father told him that it was a surefire technique to have a woman never leave you because ‘she will feel too low to cheat, will love only you, and will always be clean.’” At this, OP proved to her boyfriend that his father was wrong. She asked him to move out of her house that day. Meanwhile, people who had been following the story were horrified by the update. One said that the man’s father had groomed him to be emotionally abusive and that they were glad she had left him. Another said her boyfriend was stupid to think that telling someone they smell would make them want you more. Many people called OP’s boyfriend manipulative and even pathetic, saying that he and his father were horrible people and that she should tell his mother what he and his father were doing. Some parents love and support their children’s relationships, helping them build healthy bonds with their partners. However, this OP’s boyfriend’s father is not an example. Neither is one mother who offered her son’s fiancée financial compensation if she broke up with him.