For her 43rd birthday, the singer, actress, and..

Jessica Simpson is a well-known influencer who has been making a significant impact on thousands of people for many years. There are numerous influencers in the world, but Jessica Simpson stands out among them. Jessica Simpson, who just turned 43, surprised fans by posting a makeup-free selfie on social media for her birthday. Some people were not pleased with her choice to go natural.

Her post said: “43 makeup free (kinda. Ha. I did curl my lashes.)”In the photo, she shines brightly with a big smile on her face. Her blonde hair is beautiful and she has a stylish look, complete with some sparkling jewelry.Regrettably, not all comments were positive. Some inquired about her skincare routine while others claimed she never required makeup due to her natural beauty.

Other people commented on her beauty but disagreed with how she described the picture. They claimed that she was wearing lipgloss, mascara, and concealer instead of being makeup-free.