Find Out How Smart You Are – Can You Solve This Math Problem? See answer in the

Math equations that involve addition, subtraction, division, and multiplication are perhaps considered some of the easiest to solve. However, that is not usually the case, as many people have always found themselves sweating over these ‘simple’ math equations. Are you one of those who sweat? Or are you among the smart lot? There’s only one way to find out. If you can solve this equation below easily and fast enough, then you certainly need a pat on the back and an addition to the list of smart people. So, you’re ready? Here’s the equation. Can you solve it?It’s a no-brainer. Well, get your brain to action. Is your brain wondering too much? Hopefully, you have the right answer by now. Write it down but don’t peep to the correct answer down there just yet. The time to view it will come sooner. This equation aims to tease your brain a little and test your speed as well. While you’re still wondering whether you got the correct answer or not, let’s have a look at some of the benefits of a brainteaser.

Why You Should Have More Brainteasers Your brain can inevitably get dull and tired for several reasons. However, when you engage in brainteasers like the equation above, you give your brain more reasons to be alive and active.

More benefits of brainteasers to your brain and body include:

Keeps your body in shape – brainteasers activate your brain to think, and an active brain means an active body.
Brain teasers improve your memory – you can easily improve your ability to remember things when you frequently take part in brain teasers.
Better problem-solving skills – If you can solve challenging brainteasers, you can think through problems easily.
Reduced stress levels – Getting solutions to puzzles has a resultant therapeutic effect on your brain and body. It makes your brain cells relax, thus reducing stress levels.
Works on both sides of the brain – You need both sides of your brain active when solving brainteasers. The right side that controls creativity and the left side controls analytical and logical thinking.
Improves your Intellectual Quotient (IQ) – Doing challenging brain teasers can improve your IQ by about four points. This comes about after it improves your concentration, logic, problem-solving, and spatial reasoning abilities.
You should fully enjoy all of these benefits every day by making it a habit to solve puzzles.

Now that you know the benefits of a brainteaser let’s find out if you solved it correctly.

The Solution