After Man Starts Strumming A Few Chords On His Guitar, 18-Year-Old Parrot Amazingly Sings A Song Known By Millions

Our lives have been genuinely altered by the pandemic in a variety of ways. While many of us see it as a bad experience, one man and his parrot had a really happy one. Did any of us ever find ourselves stranded at home, unsure of what to do with our time? This also applied to Frank Maglio Jr. and Gina, his spouse. Frank enjoyed picking up the guitar, but he wasn’t always able to play it. He took advantage of the pandemic to pick up a guitar and start playing, and that’s when he discovered his parrot’s hidden gift. Tico, an Amazon parrot they adopted from an elderly British woman, is their pet. They adore owning a parrot, but they were even more enamored of it after learning how much the bird enjoyed listening to the guitar.