87-Year-Old Man Returns Home, Sees His Stuff Had Been Taken Out of the House – Story of the Day

Eventually, they hung up, and the doctors asked Chris to remain in the hospital for a few days while they checked everything and decided what he needed for treatment. *** “You need to go to Austin and check on your grandfather. He’s all alone,” Angelina insisted to her son, Peter. “I don’t know if I can, Mom,” he responded. They were speaking on the phone, and Angelina would not take no for an answer. “Peter, you need to be there for your grandfather. Who knows how long he’s going to live after this, especially if his heart starts failing? And you’re his only grandson, remember that,” Angelina tried to convince him. “He always said you would inherit his house and his things when he passes. Maybe you should check the house and see what repairs it might need so he can live comfortably for however long he has left. And it’s a great time to bond with him too.” Peter was quiet for a second, and his mother thought he might have hung up. But he finally answered in a strange tone. “Ok, ok. I’ll go. Hannah will go with me. I think I can ask for some time off work since I haven’t taken a vacation in a long time.” “Good. Thank you, son. My work wouldn’t budge, but I trust you to help your grandpa as best you can. I love you, dear,” she continued, relieved that her father would not be alone after he gets discharged from the hospital. “I love you too, mom. Bye.” Unfortunately, Angelina had no idea what her son was honestly thinking. *** A few days passed, and the doctors finally prescribed Chris several medications after checking his test results. They released him from the hospital, warning him not to strain himself because he had to be careful with his health even after getting better.

Chris nodded at all their explanations, but he was not paying that much attention. He was worried because Angelina didn’t call the day before, and she told him that Peter was coming to stay with him. He didn’t have his grandson’s phone number, but he hoped to see him at the house. So he took a cab from the hospital to his home. He was surprised to discover some furniture on his front lawn and recognized it as his own. Moreover, his door was slightly ajar, but he remembered that the paramedics who took him to the hospital had shut it completely. What was going on? But the most shocking thing happened when he entered. The entire house was empty. The paintings on his walls, his military memorabilia, his credenza. the kitchen table and chairs, everything he didn’t see outside, they were all gone. There were several plastic sheets in some areas as if someone was painting or doing some construction on the house. “Hello?” he called out to the completely empty space and heard footsteps coming from the hallway where the bedrooms were. “Grandpa?” Peter asked, confused at seeing him. But Chris didn’t pay any attention to that reaction. He breathed a sigh of relief. “Peter! Oh, thank God! I thought someone had broken in and taken everything I owned. What is happening here, my dear boy?” he asked his grandson and approached to give him a tight manly hug. “Oh, well. Yes. No one broke in,” Peter mumbled, pursing his lips but returning the hug. Finally, Chris realized that he was acting strangely. “What’s going on then?” “I… well, we actually wanted to surprise you,” he started. “We?” “Yes, Hannah and I. She’s here,” Peter revealed and turned towards the hallway to call his wife. “Honey!” “What?” she came out, and her eyes widened when she spotted Chris. “Hmm, Mr. Harvey. Hello there.” “Hello dear! It’s so nice to see you. I haven’t seen you since the wedding,” Chris smiled at his grandson’s wife and kissed her on the cheek. “So, tell me, what’s going on with my house?” Peter and Hannah exchanged a weird, quick, side-eye look, but Peter answered first. “We wanted to remodel it before you left the hospital. It was in serious need of some TLC, and we hoped this would make you feel better. But you’re out sooner than we expected.” Chris smiled widely at the two young people in his living room, thinking how thoughtful they were. “That’s wonderful! Although I hope you guys are not spending much money.” “Oh no, no. Don’t worry. I know a guy,” Hannah chimed in, placing her hands in her pockets. Her grin was awkward, but the older man didn’t notice. “Cool. What about my stuff? Where are they?” “They’re currently in…. uh… storage, except a few things we want to replace as a gift. Those are outside waiting to be picked up by the garbage men. We had to put it there for the remodel,” Peter explained with a strange pause. “But the bedrooms still have everything. Don’t worry. We’ll be able to sleep well at night.”