23-Year-Old Man Goes Missing During Cruise After Sending Final Message to Wife, Leaving Her Heartbroken

A Scottish tourist, Liam Jones disappeared from the MSC Euribia cruise and is suspected to be dead. Authorities have issued an investigation but Liam’s disappearance is still a mystery. His 20-year-old wife Sophia is heartbroken at the thought of never seeing her husband again. A Scottish tourist, Liam Jones, is feared dead following his disappearance from the MSC Euribia cruise ship, 3,000 people, an average of 4 to 10 people die. However, the morgue could only accommodate seven bodies. If more than seven people died, the freezer would be used to store some of the bodies.

Therefore, the free ice cream parties were not for pleasure but for a more somber reason. To substantiate her claims, she shared another video from a TikToker who worked as a medic on a cruise. This man confirmed Dara’s statement and included a video with pictures. The first picture showed him in his scrubs, taken around the time Dara worked as a singer and lived on ships. He showed another photo of the medical center where they had all the monitors, stretchers, and medical equipment to care for any injuries. There were 12 rooms altogether and one with three beds in it. There was also a designated space where all the extra emergency equipment was stored. Adjacent to that room was a door to the morgue, which only held three bodies. This indicated that if more than four people died, they would use the freezer, resulting in the need to remove some of the food to store the bodies until they could be offloaded at the next port. Dara felt validated after the man supported her story, especially since people believed she was lying for the sake of likes and clicks. This revelation shocked many viewers, with people confirming the theory. One commenter, a cruise ship medic, wrote, “Can confirm the morgue and ice cream correlation.” Another person, a former sailor, added, “Yes, we don’t wear our covers on mess decks, and sometimes space needs to be made in the freezer.” A viewer remarked, “Thanks for the info. There was an ice cream party on my cruise ship, and now I know why.” The news left some skeptical about cruising, with one saying, “I swear every fact I learn makes me want to go on a cruise less.”