20 Nightmare Wedding Guests Who Completely Ruined the Big Day

A wedding is a joyous occasion, a momentous celebration of love and commitment. However, as much as couples hope for smooth sailing, sometimes unexpected events can turn their special day into a disaster. From inappropriate speeches to bizarre behavior, here are some tales of weddings gone awry, shared by netizens on Reddit.
1. Father-in-Law Faux Pas
One Redditor shared the cringe-worthy experience of their father-in-law repeatedly mentioning the ex-girlfriend’s name during speeches. Despite years of dating, the father-in-law couldn’t get the bride’s name right, causing embarrassment and frustration.
2. Reception Rampage
Another Reddit user recounted a chaotic reception in a hayfield, where alcohol-fueled antics led to altercations, injuries, and multiple emergency calls. From ideological disputes to accidental injuries with hot coals, the day descended into utter mayhem, leaving lasting memories for all the wrong reasons.
3. Toast Troubles
At one wedding, a well-meaning brother’s toast took an unexpected turn when he thanked the mashed potatoes, leaving the guests in stitches. Despite the unintentional humor, it added a memorable twist to the festivities.

4. Flower Girl’s Heroics

In a heartwarming moment, a young flower girl saved the day when the bridesmaids’ dresses failed to arrive. Her quick thinking to suggest choir robes as replacements ensured the wedding could proceed without a hitch.

5. Stolen License Saga

One bride’s joy was marred when her aunt’s disruptive behavior overshadowed the day. From constant flash photography to meddling with the marriage license, the aunt’s actions left a lasting impact on the bride’s memories of her special day.

6. Best Friend’s Ex-Wife Drama

A groom faced a dilemma when his best man’s wife caused a scene at the reception. From inappropriate dancing to confrontations, her antics led to a series of escalating incidents, ultimately culminating in a physical altercation.

7. Inadvertent Wedding Ruiner

Sometimes, unwitting actions can lead to unexpected consequences. One guest unintentionally disrupted a wedding by getting intimate in a truck, unaware that the bride was among the onlookers witnessing the clandestine rendezvous.

8. Unforgettable Flower Girl

A mischievous flower girl provided unexpected entertainment when her yawn during the ceremony led to a chain of events involving tears, chaos, and a frantic chase around the church, leaving a lasting impression on the guests.

9. Mother-in-Law Mishaps

A bride’s dream day turned into a nightmare when her mother-in-law’s antics stole the spotlight. From copying the bride’s hairstyle to causing a dramatic fall during the ceremony, her actions left the bride feeling betrayed and devastated.

10. Bar Brawl Breakout

An open bar at a wedding reception descended into chaos when a confrontation escalated into a full-blown brawl. Despite efforts to maintain order, the festivities were abruptly cut short, leaving a lasting impact on the newlyweds and guests alike.

11. Mic-Dropping Kazoo Solo

In a bizarre turn of events, a guest’s impromptu kazoo solo stole the spotlight during a wedding reception. From stunned reactions to an abrupt exit, the unexpected performance left an indelible mark on the festivities.

12. Disruptive Children Disaster

A wedding was marred by disruptive children wreaking havoc throughout the ceremony and reception. From loud outbursts to unsanitary incidents, the children’s behavior tested the patience of guests and organizers alike, leading to a memorable but chaotic event.

13. Dress Destruction Drama

In a shocking betrayal, a mother-in-law sabotaged her daughter-in-law’s wedding dress, leaving the bride devastated and humiliated. The unexpected revelation shattered the joyous atmosphere, leaving a lasting rift between the families.

14. The Chaos at My Sister’s Wedding

u/Jill-Sanwich: Not my wedding, my older sister’s. We’ll call her A. When our oldest sister, B, got married, she didn’t even invite A, but A had been trying to improve their relationship and invited B despite this.

Recently, divorced B attended the wedding with a good friend of A’s husband-to-be. She started the night by being super rude to my grandparents and aunt and refusing to come into the dressing room with all the girls, promptly making it awkward for everyone.

Our mom also refused to be in the dressing room for some reason. Before the ceremony, B makes an uncomfortable joke to her future brother-in-law about being busy getting intimate with his friend all day.

B and her date were the only people dancing at the reception (it was held in the honeymoon suite of a hotel), and she was shamelessly getting close to him in front of family members who used to change our diapers.

I pulled her aside and talked to her about this, and she laughed in my face but did stop afterward. However, she convinced her date, who had been friends with the groom for 20+ years and grew up with him in Alaska, to start a fight with the groom.

I’m convinced my sister was the first person ever to let this guy get intimate with her because, for some reason, he did. Some ugly things were said, a few other friends of 20+ years intervened, and the best man decided it might be best if B’s date left the reception.

Mind you, A and my brother-in-law didn’t ask him to do this, and only B’s date was asked to leave. B responded by jumping up and drunkenly announcing to anyone she passed on her way out that her “OWN SISTER” had kicked her out.

Our mom then went around apologizing to everyone at the reception, including people who didn’t even see what had happened. She told everyone that A was being a “bridezilla,” and she was extremely worried about B being off somewhere in the middle of the night.

A eventually suggested that my mom take her husband (not our dad) home, as he’d been passed out on a chair for several hours and had just vomited on himself.

Our mom then announced to everyone on her way out that her daughter had also kicked her out. Neither of them has spoken or apologized to A, and this was years ago.

I’ve caught them both making up lies about what happened and called them out, which apparently means I “think I’m better than everyone else because I’m in college and have a career.” They make up ways to victimize themselves and start to believe their lies.

15. One Woman Had Issues

u/Smouldering_goose: Not my wedding (it was my SILs). It was a very formal wedding at a beautiful venue.

One of the groomsmen’s girlfriends had a meltdown because her boyfriend was getting his photograph taken with another girl—a bridesmaid (along with the other two bridesmaids, two groomsmen, the best man, the maid of honor, and the bride and groom).

I pulled her aside and told her to stop or leave, so she sulked in a corner for the next few hours. After dinner and speeches, it was the first dance. Then, the bridesmaids and groomsmen dance with the newlywed couple (then the bride and groom’s parents, etc.).

This girl stormed up to the dance floor and started screaming inappropriate things about the bridesmaid dancing with “her man.” The bridesmaid is happily married with two children and has met the groomsman twice.

Everyone was horrified, so I pulled her out the nearest door, down the driveway, and told her not to return. The bride was fuming, and the groomsman was very ashamed.

16. So Many Things

u/bunnyplop: I had a couple of weird things happen. I wouldn’t say anyone ruined the wedding (we ended up married after all!), but one girl ruined a lot of pictures!

A guy was working in the kitchen at the venue that she and I worked with for a couple of weeks, and she invited him to watch the ceremony in his yellow hoodie and backpack. They were standing right on the aisle, so they’re in many pictures. Oh, and she wore a white dress. She also caught the bouquet.

I had a bridesmaid get in a fight with her boyfriend and sit in a corner crying all night. And the DJ made a terrible mistake. After the ceremony, he missed his cue to play us back down the aisle, so I awkwardly turned to him, did finger guns, and said, “Hit it!”

And then later, my mom asked him for the mic to give a speech, but he said, “No, it’s too late.” Then, I cried, so my friends went and talked to him, and she made her speech.

17. He Ruined His Own Wedding

u/AsianWhoHatesMath: My fiancé’s cousin was getting married. He and his now-wife are lovely people but have terrible friends.

The friends had drunk way too much, were very rowdy at the reception, and kept pressuring the groom to drink with them.

Fast forward to the night’s end, and the DJ calls the groom to the cake table to cut the cake. A couple of minutes pass. The DJ calls him again. I turn and see the groom seated with his back to me. I wonder why he hasn’t noticed his name is being called.

It turns out the groom hasn’t made his way to the cake because he drank too much and can’t even walk. Two of the groomsmen have to carry him to the cake, where they can barely get him to cut the cake (or at least fake a cake-cutting ceremony for the photographer).

Eventually, he threw up on the bride and had to be carried, chair and all, to the bathroom and then to the car.

18. My Solo Performance

u/bobbymack44212: My girlfriend was a maid of honor for her college roommate around 1983. I stayed sober but felt the reception dinner in the golf course banquet room was dragging. I had my girlfriend go up and slip the band 20 bucks to play that wedding standby—feelings.

You know, “Woah, woah, woah, feelings?” Yes, that awful excuse for music. As the band launches into the song, I wear The Blues Brothers shades and vault on stage for a soul-shredding solo on Kazoo.

I see jaws agape at the head table. The bride’s father is trying to get himself out of his chair to come onstage and kick mine, and as he frees himself, he topples over in a heap into the chairs at the table behind him.

This was my cue to crank it into another gear, honking and wailing on that instrument of sonic torture. At the same time, the band pushed themselves to ever greater heights of emotional expression to counterpoint my buzz-saw rendition of the chorus.

Confused couples on the dance floor aren’t sure if this is all part of the act, but as I grind through the final verse, they suspect something has gone horribly wrong.

Deciding that discretion is the better part of valor, I climb off the right side of the bandstand and make my way to a nearby exit, leap into a golf cart with my girlfriend in search of our car so we can get out of there before I get into trouble.

Knowing the history of my girlfriend and her roommate, occurrences like this were practically par for the course, no pun intended, which led this story to become a staple at their social events.

The only downside was that I had to endure a cavity search before I was allowed to go to any more wedding receptions. Not that I would’ve repeated myself, but she wasn’t taking any chances.

19. The Woman and Her Kids

u/peanut_little: So, around 4 or 5 years ago, I was at my cousin’s wedding. It’s a little before the ceremony starts, so people are still coming in, socializing, and trying to shove aside their hatred of Aunt Muriel because it wouldn’t be prudent to start a fight on a family member’s wedding day.

Anyway, I was talking to a few people standing across from the open church doors when suddenly, I spotted THEM.

A young woman comes in with nine little ankle biters, none of them older than 10. All of them are screaming and complaining loudly.

With an apologetic smile, she plops right down next to me, arranging her children so they take up almost a whole pew. I was ready to get up and move, but at that moment, the ceremony started, so I sat down in my old spot.

The kids were as loud and annoying as possible during the ceremony. They screamed, cried, dirtied their pants, and pawed at their mother’s chest (She was still breastfeeding her 3-year-old and 4-year-old).

At one point, they started crawling all over the pews, across the laps of several extremely angry wedding guests, and playing tag in the church, making as much noise as possible.

Their mother just sat there, an amused smile plastered all over her face. Never did she once make any move to reprimand the little heathens.

Never once did she apologize for her children’s behavior. She just sat there, grinning, acting like absolutely nothing mattered. I understand that kids will be kids, but you should still tell them their behavior is unacceptable.

I’ll just list what the kids did at the reception. They stuck their hands in the chocolate fountain and then wiped them on a tablecloth. They used the bathroom floor as the toilet and urinated in their pants on the dance floor.

Some of them threw up everywhere, and one kid took off their pants, threw them under a table, and proceeded to run around half-naked for the rest of the reception. This kid was at least 7. Besides that, the kids messed with the speakers and lights and annoyed older women.

My cousin finally got the guts to ask them to leave. The mother made a huge scene, started crying, and called my cousin a terrible woman.

Then, she gathered up her children, purse, and diaper bag and promised to buy them meals from McDonald’s for being so good. My cousin starts crying whenever you bring it up.

20. The groom’s mother

I’m sitting here in my bridal suite, bawling my eyes outright now. Today was supposed to be the best day of my life. But everything turned into a nightmare.

Someone cut my wedding dress into pieces this morning before the ceremony. I walked down the aisle in a bathrobe, holding the tattered remains of my dress.

All the guests fell silent at the sight of me.Me: ‘Who did this? Step forward.’Dead silence. I look at my fiancé in tears, and then hisface turns pale. I turn my gaze back to the crowd of guests and see one person step forward. It was the last person I expected to betray me.

My dress was cut by the groom’s mother. She stood there, her eyes filled with regret, as she whispered, “I thought I was saving my son from a mistake.”

The room erupted in gasps and whispers, but all I could hear was the shattering of my dream wedding as I stood there, heartbroken and disbelieving.